A passion for Des Moines drives Andrea Stackhouse’s work in the community and at Neumann Monson Architects. 

In the past 10 years, Stackhouse founded the Impact Downtown nonprofit organization, which is now a committee of the Young Professionals Connection, and started Core Magazine in 2006, a “modern” magazine that promoted Des Moines by showcasing projects and featuring entrepreneurs. 

That magazine ceased publication in 2008 when the recession hit.

“I have always been a big fan of our city ... and making sure that people know that Des Moines is a great city,” Stackhouse said. “A big passion for me is retention and attraction of people to Des Moines, while still keeping it kind of a hidden gem.”

Stackhouse’s current job fits her passions, a “perfect role,” she said. Job duties include seeking out business opportunities for the firm and working with clients through the development process. 

The job allows Stackhouse to be in the mix of knowing what projects are coming and being able to see the plans take shape.

“Ultimately, it’s to be out building relationships and finding new projects for us that are exciting,” she said. 

An extrovert among many introverted co-workers, Stackhouse also tries to work with fellow employees on best communication practices within the company.

Her community involvement has dropped off a bit after motherhood - she has four children.

“That is my free time,” she said. 

But Stackhouse is actively looking to get back involved in the community, possibly through the Capital Crossroads initiative or the Urban Land Institute.

Reasons she’s a Forty:

• She started Core Magazine, nominated for the “Community Champion” award by the Greater Des Moines Partnership in 2007.

• She started Impact Downtown in 2004, which grew to 250 members within the first year.

• She belongs to the Iowa Commercial Real Estate Association, Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce and West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce.

• “Andrea brings great vision and passion for the city of Des Moines and its development,” writes Pete Jones, past president of the Young Professionals Connection. “Her success comes from her heart and will continue to lead her towards greatness.”