Pfizer confronts surge of lawsuits over Lipitor

Reuters: Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. is facing a mounting wave of lawsuits by women who allege that the company knew about possible serious side effects of its blockbuster anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor but never properly warned the public. In the past five months, a Reuters review of federal court filings shows, lawsuits by U.S. women who say that taking Lipitor gave them type-2 diabetes have shot up from 56 to almost 1,000. Plaintiffs' lawyers say women are more at risk of developing diabetes than are men.


Ebola declared international public health emergency

Bloomberg: The worst Ebola outbreak on record is a public health emergency that threatens nations outside the four in West Africa where the virus is spreading, the World Health Organization said. The Geneva-based U.N. health agency stopped short of recommending a general travel and trade ban, saying only that infected people shouldn't cross borders except as part of an official medical evacuation. Affected countries should work with airlines to ensure proper care for crews based there and enable quick identification of passengers who may have had contact with infected people, the WHO said.


Cafe charges customers 35-cent "minimum wage fee"

CNNMoney: A Minnesota restaurant is passing along the cost of the state's minimum wage hike to customers, and the move has sparked outrage. Diners at the Oasis Cafe in Stillwater, Minn., recently noticed a "MIN WAGE FEE" tacked on to the bottom of their receipts, beneath more mundane items like burgers and fries.