Which companies are cooperating with U.S. intelligence agencies?

Bloomberg today reports on the specifics of how several U.S. telecommunications companies are cooperating with government security agencies. The article says four sources told reporters that some companies are receiving access to classified information in return for their cooperation.


Analysts: Fed unlike to slow quantitative easing till 3rd quarter

Economists and investment analysts predict that the Federal Reserve will not slow its quantitative easing strategy before the third quarter of this year, according to aCNNMoney article. Financial markets have been up and down for a month since Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Fed may slow the stimulus program "in just a few meetings."


Songwriters group sues Pandora radio for higher fees

Broadcast Music Inc., a group that protects songwriter's rights, is suing Pandora Media Inc. over the Internet radio company's refusal to pay a higher licensing fee, based on its 70.8 million listeners, reports Reuters.  Pandora, which recently bought a small radio station in South Dakota, hopes to use that station's lower licensing fees.