Unemployment rate for veterans below national average

The national unemployment rate for veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan since 2001 has dropped from its high of more than 15 percent in 2011, reports CNN Money. At 7.2 percent, it is lower than the national unemployment rate for the general population, which was at 7.6 percent in June.


U.S. markets open higher today

The main stock indexes in the United States ticked higher this morning by at least 0.4 percent, as investors await corporate second-quarter reports, reports CNN Money.


U.S. Treasury bond yields rose to 2.7 percent Friday

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. experts predict that U.S. Treasury bonds will yield 3 percent by 2013 and reach 4 percent by 2016, reports CNBC News. Treasury yields reached a nearly three-year high of 2.7 percent on Friday.