Fed sees risk of disinflation, maintains bond buying pace

Bloomberg reports that the Federal Reserve, citing persistently low inflation that could hamper the economic expansion, pledged to keep buying $85 billion in bonds every month. The statement provided no new language on the conditions for maintaining the pace of bond buying and repeated the pledge that policymakers have made since September to continue purchases until the jobs outlook has improved substantially. Read more


SEC tightens client rules for broker-dealers

Reuters reports that the Securities and Exchange Commission set new rules to protect clients with cash or securities at securities brokers, requiring more disclosure and safeguards from firms including some of Wall Street's largest. Thousands of brokerage firms will need to file a range of new reports with regulators when holding client assets on custody. Read more


Student loan bill breezes on

The New York Times reports that something pretty rare happened in Congress on Wednesday: It approved and sent to President Obama a major piece of public policy by an overwhelming bipartisan margin. The feat was even more notable because the legislation, which created a new set of rates for federal student loans, is entwined with many of the issues that often divide Republicans and Democrats: the economy, the financial markets and the government's role in lending. Read more