Today is a funnel day at the Iowa Legislature, which means a bill has to pass a committee by the end of the day or it’s dead unless the leadership brings it back. (There are exceptions for bills in a couple of the high-powered committees.) Because things are usually at ease on Fridays in the chambers, if a bill didn’t get through a committee before today, its chances are slim.

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry supports these bills that survived the funnel:

— The Future Ready Iowa Act, HSB 602 and SSB 3087. The legislation proposed by Gov. Kim Reynolds seeks to make sure that 70 percent of Iowans obtain education beyond the high school level by 2025. 

— HF 2308 and SF 2262, which would allow an equipment manufacturer to pass the manufacturer statement of origin to the final customer.

— HSB 645 water quality bill. This legislation tweaks the major water quality bill that passed earlier this session. The bill adds industries named in the nutrient reduction strategy to the definition of "eligible entity" for purposes of the revolving loan fund created in HF 512.