As soon as my friend announced her engagement, I knew we were in for an advertising spree. Even though the wedding is more than a year away, our normal digital dialogue about doughnuts, pets and media relevancy in a post-social world has been sprinkled with white dresses and “what about this?”-isms. Somewhere along the way, David’s Bridal was bound to come up in our Facebook ads. Wedding dresses aren’t a fluffy business: reports the industry is projected to be worth $3.23 billion by 2021, and David’s Bridal in particular is seeking to edge out competitors with an AI-powered concierge service named Zoey, and a slew of future dress-planning tools for brides. David’s Bridal is still recovering from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy after more than $400 million in debt and consumer criticism that the company’s affordable dresses and modest salons looked too outdated -- it turns out there’s a limited supply of women who only desire strapless ball gowns. My friend is not one of those women, but maybe the company’s new digital services and store overhauls might reach her. We’ll see.