One of the big challenges we hear all the time is the quest to solve “the last mile.” In other words, as logistics have continued to improve and demand has increased for sending packages, the hardest, and most expensive part of delivering is getting the product from the distribution center to your home or business. Drones have been dreamed about as a possible solution for that last mile, and now, UPS has become the first to make a revenue-generating drone delivery. From a Business Insider piece: “Moving medical samples around WakeMed's sprawling medical campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, can sometimes take up to 30 minutes in traffic. That can be challenging when the material being moved is a life-saving specimen like blood or an organ sample. But drone delivery has cut that commute to three minutes and 15 seconds. UPS, in collaboration with the drone technology company Matternet, made its first revenue-generating delivery of medical samples at WakeMed Raleigh. The Federal Aviation Administration and the North Carolina Department of Transportation provided oversight. It's a major step for proving the worthiness of the highly regulated and much-hyped technology.” Read the article