Netflix Inc. made some of its customers' naughty list on Christmas Eve.

The giant video streaming service suffered from an outage on Christmas Eve that lasted through part of Christmas Day and may have affected millions of its customers, who were expecting to use it as they gathered with family over the holiday.

According to the New York Daily News, Netflix, of Los Gatos, Calif.  said some customers lost service because of an outage at one of Inc.'s servers. Service problems may have affected millions of customers in Canada and Latin America as well as in the United States.

Netflix bills itself as the world's leading Internet subscription service for movies and TV shows and says it has more than 30 million members for its video streaming service. 

The company tweeted midmorning  on Christmas Day that service was restored and thanked customers for their patience, but some customers tweeted back that they wanted a partial refund for lost service, reported. 

The service is available on more than 800 devices, including PS3 players, iPhones and iPads.