Katie Cownie
Katie Cownie

Age 36 | Attorney, Brown Winick law firm

Catherine Cownie is an attorney who has developed an expertise in complex corporate securities law. She knows her way around the biofuels industry, too, but it is her work in health care that delivers a personal touch to her practice.

Cownie works with hospitals and health-care organizations in licensing and regulatory matters. That sounds dull, but it puts her in touch with the people who benefit from having radiation therapy approved in their small-town medical facility.

“People tell their real-life stories,” Cownie said. “Radiation therapy is a good example, because someone might have to drive one hour one way every day for six weeks. You see something at the end, and you see that it actually helps people’s everyday lives.”

Family ranks No. 1 on Cownie’s list of priorities. She is married to Damien Lock and has a daughter, Meg, 3. Her most notable accomplishments are being a good mother and wife, and helping all of her family, she said.

Cownie also is active in the community. She is on the executive board of the Des Moines Social Club, a board member of Youth Homes of Mid-America and a member of the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s “Do More in the City” planning committee. She helped establish the Iowa Mission of Mercy for the Iowa Dental Foundation.

Christopher Sackett, managing member of BrownWinick, wrote in a nominating letter that Cownie “frequently devotes her time and efforts to public interest causes.”

Five reasons she’s a 40:

• Raised $12,000 for the Young Women’s Resource Center as co-chair of Polk County Women Attorneys Basket Auction committee.

• Greater Des Moines Partnership Do More in the City committee.

• Youth Homes of Mid-America board member.

• Des Moines Social Club executive board.

• Helped establish the Iowa Mission of Mercy for the Iowa Dental Foundation.

Fun fact:

“My favorite activity is go home on Friday evening and read my People magazine subscription. It’s cheaper if you subscribe.”