Christi Hegstad
Christi Hegstad

Age 39 | President, career and executive coach, MAP Professional Development Inc.

Christi Hegstad is focused on helping others live with no regrets.

That’s the goal of her work as an executive coach in the company she founded in 2003, MAP Professional Development Inc. Hegstad’s mission with MAP is relatively simple: She wants to help people do what they love.

“That really is what has fueled me and continues to fuel me, is helping people realize that they can be happy right now, they can pursue their passion right now,” Hegstad said. “It doesn’t always require quitting your job and moving somewhere different. It can begin right now, and it can begin today.”

Hegstad has a Bachelor of Arts degree in human services and sociology, a Master of Arts in human resource management and a Ph.D. in human resource development. While she was leading workshops and classes, she often heard phrases such as “if only I would have started this 10 years ago.”

That spurred her to study more in-depth why some people are successful and happy and others aren’t.

Hegstad’s approach is two-pronged. She wants to help people figure out what their ideal job is and how to be extraordinary successful at that job.

In the community, Hegstad has been involved as a Girl Scout leader for more than seven years. She originally got involved so she could spend more time with her daughter, but she has found that it ties together with her job and with her parenting.

Hegstad has also been involved in Dress For Success as a workshop presenter and a clothing drive coordinator. She’s also the philanthropic chair of the 2012 Women Mean Business Summit hosted by the National Association of Women Business Owners.

For fun, she likes to spend time with her husband and three children. Hegstad also enjoys reading, and is in several book clubs, as well as writing.

Five reasons she’s a 40:

• Started MAP Professional Development in 2003, and the business has grown every year since.

• Frequently acts as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter.

• Has published articles in peer-reviewed journals and authored a chapter in the “Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace.”

• ”She’s a leader who knows how to listen, then thoughtfully engage and interact with people in profound ways,” said Pam Schoffner, who met Hegstad as part of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

• Is engaged in numerous professional groups and organizations.

Fun Fact:

Hegstad said the best advice she has been given was from someone she calls a “distant mentor”: Stephen Covey, author of the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” The advice Hegstad finds most effective is to begin with the end in mind.