I am on it. I am into it. It’s attracting customers. It’s making sales. It’s free!

What is it?

It’s almost social media. It’s BUSINESS social media.

It’s your ticket to customer and prospect awareness – who you are, how you think, how you serve, what you believe, what your value messages are and what others think of you. And did I mention? It’s free.

But the mere fact you participate isn’t any assurance it’ll pay off. In fact, the opposite is the norm. Most companies, most business people and most salespeople have no idea of how to actually ATTRACT customers, potential customers, new followers and connections. Even fewer companies and salespeople understand that business social media must be combined with, in conjunction with and in harmony with all other Internet and face-to-face marketing outreaches.

The key word to understanding and implementing business social media actions that lead to attraction and connection success is VALUE.

Value in the messages you tweet, post and share. Value to your customers and prospects so they pass your message on to THEIR connections.

SCENARIO: I tweet to my 65,000+ followers. They resonate with it, and those who believe it’s worthy or applicable to their followers RETWEET it, or FAVOR it for their followers to see.

SCENARIO: I upload a new video each week on YouTube. It’s posted on my e-zine, on my blog, in my tweets and on my Facebook page. Somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 people will view it and subscribe to my YouTube uploads.

Those are real-world examples that represent a small part of my attraction process. They give you a solid idea it’s not about what I write, post or do; it’s about the RESPONSE to what I write, post or do.

Here are the business, Internet AND business social media value-based messaging and marketing elements I use to transfer my messages and posts that attract and connect. Study them. Implement yours.

• LinkedIn Jeffrey Gitomer – The No. 1 business resource. I post my thought of the day or link of the day.

• Twitter @gitomer – I tweet three or four times a day. I usually send out one link a day.

• Facebook business /jeffreygitomer – Like me, then read a bunch of the posts, then be inspired to comment or post.

• YouTube channel BuyGitomer – People watch a few of my 300-plus videos.

• SalesBlog.com daily posts – Daily value-based posts sent to subscribers and available by search. All emails get you back to the blog.

• Weekly e-zine SalesCaffeine.com – Ten years of weekly information.

Many who found me on these platforms:

• Bought “The Little Red Book of Selling” or one of my other 11 books.

• Attended one of my public seminars.

• Paid to hear one of my webinars. This came about as a result of our electronic marketing.        

• Spent some time on gitomer.com reading my free resources.

• Googled Jeffrey Gitomer to find out more about me.

• Googled “sales training” and found me on the first page. That’s a real lead.

It’s not one thing that creates attraction. It’s a strategic combination of a social, online and face-to-face outreach that attracts interested buyers. It’s a confluence of value-based things that are available to customers and prospects.

I just shared 12 of mine so you could see the diversity of my offerings and the multiple opportunities that prospects have to find you, be attracted to you, connect with you and buy from you.

ULTIMATE RESPONSE: Someone calls and asks if I’m available to address their sales team at their annual meeting. When they do, we ask how they found out about me, and the customer replies, “He’s everywhere!”