Hello Mr. Gitomer, 

I read your article on LinkedIn in the Daily Herald Business Ledger here in the Chicago suburbs. I am a fan. You make great points and observations that many people miss. I’m in the process of retooling my profile. I can’t help but to ask if you have ever made a sale through LinkedIn? 

Thanks, Kyle

The simple answer is YES. But it ain’t that simple.

I have a business brand, a personal brand and a social brand. All of which are interconnected. All of which are mature. All of which provide value messages. All of which create attraction. All of which generate leads. All of which make sales.

My marketing mantra is the core of my social effort: I put myself in front of people who can say “yes” to me, and I deliver value first.

Long before social media, or as I prefer to refer to it, business social media, my marketing mantra was the hallmark of my sales success. As a writer and speaker in the early ’90s, I built my brand in print media and created attraction through value messaging. Still do.

The HUGE difference (and your advantage) is that now a variety of additional media and social media outlets are available. Most of them are free. And you can become attractive on all of them, if you choose the right path.

The value messaging path. The path that will attract the all-important CLICK, which  means someone wants to see more. Especially if they’re looking to buy or connect.

Click around: There are very few “one source” sales anymore. Too many options are available. People, you included, click around before they connect, interact and, especially, buy.

NOTE: Your customers, your prospects and your potential connections are clicking you. And you can’t stop them.

Numbers matter: The number of followers and connections you have can be the difference between click and no click. Your prospect is seeking some comfort and assurance that you are safe to connect with or do business with.

Comments, ratings, recommendations and endorsements matter more than numbers: Especially in the business world. If you have 500 business connections on LinkedIn, it pales in comparison to who has recommended and endorsed you. 

Rule of the more: The more prospective customers click on you and your stuff, the easier it is for them to make a buying decision in your favor. They are more likely to click if your site is easy to navigate, your information is easy to understand, there is clear value to the possible purchaser, and you offer social and video proof that others have purchased from you and love it.

Final point of understanding: Building and growing your “attraction platform” is not just about what you say, post or do; it’s all about what OTHERS think of what you say, post and do combined with what actions THEY take as a result of it.

Do they post a favorable comment? Do they retweet to their followers? Do they share with their connections? Do they “like” you or what you do? Will they subscribe? And (of course) will they buy?

OK, so did I make a LinkedIn sale? No, I made hundreds of them. I have more than 15,000 connections on LinkedIn, and EVERY DAY I post a value message.

Here’s what happens: People comment, people share the post with THEIR connections, people email me, and people call our office. EVERY DAY. And whether they want a $20 book or a $50,000 training program, the cost of that lead (and that sale) was ZERO.

Next week, you’ll see the details of my social game plan. Stay tuned.