Last week, I wrote about the philosophy and the structure of creating my plan to attract 1,000 leads to Gitomer Certified Advisors. I also talked about research on “the best time” to tweet, retweet, post and take other social actions to get the most exposure in that plan. Turns out no one really knows the best time. Pretty interesting.

THE PURPOSE These messages, promotions and solicitations will be used to attract people interested in becoming Gitomer Certified Advisors. Certified Advisors will be able to use, teach and resell my classroom and online offerings.

THE SYMPHONY: We are going to use all our social media sites and outlets, in harmony, to achieve this objective and strategic plan. To do so, I must message all of my LinkedIn connections, Twitter and Facebook followers, blog subscribers, e-zine subscribers and YouTube subscribers. From there, I am going to send out a master email every week with the subject line “Build your own or expand your existing sales training business.” This same message will be broadcast through all of my other social media and Internet sources. The campaign will take place “at random” until we discover the best times and places to elicit response.

WHAT’S IN THIS FOR YOU? As you read (hopefully study) our plan of action, see which elements you might be able to use to build your own lead-generating program. For me, this will be the measure of how valuable my social media time investment has been. What could it be for you?

Here’s the detailed outreach game plan:
• Strategic E-Blast. An initial mailing to my entire list on a Wednesday morning. Then on the following Monday. And 11 days later on a Friday. This gives me maximum penetration of my own list. The copy in the email will be short and sweet. It will make NO promises other than “start or build your own sales training business using my material and my brand.”
• Facebook posts on my personal and business page. We will link the post to our informational video promo and offer a value message rather than an ad. 
• Facebook testimonial posts from existing advisers. Both video and text. This will authenticate my requests and make interested people less reluctant to respond.
• Daily tweets with varying messages. All with a shortened link to take interested people right to my info site. 
• Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter ads that will target similar sites and messages. That’s right, you can put target ads on the competition’s social media pages. Love it.
• A small targeted LinkedIn ad campaign. Similar to the ads on my competition’s pages, but intended to reach people based on background and title.
• Daily LinkedIn messaging to my entire group of 19,000-plus connections. Sending them a link, requesting they take a look AND make their contacts aware of the opportunity.
• Targeted LinkedIn messaging. Searching for people with training, sales management and coaching backgrounds and inviting them to “take a look.”
• Several short YouTube videos in addition to my existing ones. 
• Blog posts twice a week with information on how to be a better sales trainer or coach. • Weekly e-zine ads and informational tips. My weekly e-zine, Sales Caffeine, will feature training tips and a ‘click here’ button for more. 

THE EXPECTED RESULTS: A steady flow of semi-qualified incoming leads who will discover our team of knowledgeable, friendly people who can convert them to happy, enthusiastic buyers.

THE PLATFORM IS THE MEDIUM: The reason I’m able to attract anyone to my message is because I have (slowly) built a solid platform of customers and followers. So can you. I started with just ONE.  So you can too.