In my last column, I talked about the power of sales success and gave you the first 10 personal powers you need to possess in order to have all of the sales success you desire. As a professional salesperson, you want more selling power, and this two-part article reveals the sources.

Let me share with you the remaining powers you do possess and how you might be able to use them and take advantage of them to build sales, build relationships, build referrals, earn testimonials and achieve the sales success that you are striving for:

11. The power of relatable example. Please don’t tell me how the product works. Rather, tell me how someone else is using it and winning right now as a result of it.

12. The power of truth. It’s sad I have to write about this.
The elusiveness of truth has caused more business deals and more relationships to be lost than to lowest bid.

13. The power of trust.
Trust is built slowly over time by taking consistent, value-based actions. Trust is lost in a minute by taking inappropriate actions, telling untruths or failing to deliver as promised.

14. The power of service.
The power of service is realized through actions, not advertisements. There is no power in telling me how great your service is, there is power in delivering it, and there is HUGE power in having your customers talk about it, brag about it, on social media.

15. The power of a relationship.
Real relationships mean there is no bidding involved and no proposals involved in earning a sale. Relationships are based on mutual value provided, mutual loyalty exchanged, truth and trust.

16. The power of loyalty. I define loyal customers two ways: Will the customers do business with me again and will they refer someone to me? Many customers may never be satisfied, but they continue to do business with you. Repeat business and unsolicited referrals are the report card that everything else in the relationship is excellent.

17. The power of reputation and social brand. Having a social media presence is no longer optional. And the most powerful part of it is the fact that your customers can interact with you one-on-one.

18. The power of proof. When you make statements or claims about yourself, it’s bragging. When your customers say the same thing about you, it’s proof. Proof is a reputation builder, proof is a sales tool, and proof reinforces the belief of everyone in your company that you are who you say you are, and you do what you say you’ll do.

19. The power and joy of rejection.
It’s amazing what you can learn when someone says no to you. Much more than when someone says yes. In both cases you need to understand why the yes or the no occurred. Celebrate the no. It will help you understand why and ultimately get to more yeses.

20. The power, joy and celebration of victory. YES Attitude! When you’re in sales, nothing feels better than making one. The power comes one minute after the celebration. That’s when you start making the next one. Once you learn that the best time to make a sale is right after you have just made a sale, you’re on the path to doubling your sales.

20.5. The power of opportunity.
The most important realization in sales and selling is the one you give to yourself. You do not have a job. You have an opportunity. An opportunity to earn while you’re learning. An opportunity to earn based on your results. And an opportunity to grow without limits.

NOTE WELL: These powers do not act alone. Rather, they act in harmony with one another.

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