ITA Group, which helps develop corporate engagement through recognition programs and other services, has incorporated ITA Group Europe into its family of companies. Based out of Belgium, ITA Group Europe will allow clients to take advantage of more culturally relevant and locally managed engagement practices that inspire and motivate European-based employees, channel partners and customers, the West Des Moines-based company said in an announcement. In addition to incorporating in Europe, ITA Group formed a strategic affiliation with Motisha, a Belgium-based provider of engagement programs. Motisha offers global capabilities, 18 years of European operational experience and a client-centric culture similar to that of ITA Group. “This European expansion is an important step to better serve our clients’ ever-growing needs,” said Kurt Hosna, ITA Group’s director of global strategy. “As a result, we can now offer stronger, more locally managed and culturally sensitive programs to our clients who are looking to connect, engage and motivate throughout Europe.”