Integrity Marketing Group, a Dallas-based insurance technology company that recently acquired Brokers Clearing House in Des Moines, announced it has made an unexpected $125 million cash payout to its 5,500 employees through the company’s employee ownership plan. The company also awarded equity units to all its employees who had yet to qualify for payouts through the plan, making every current full-time Integrity employee an owner in the company. Integrity became an employee-owned business in 2019 with the formation of the employee ownership plan, and at that time paid out a retroactive cash distribution of $50 million to Integrity’s 750 employees. With this latest payment, Integrity has now paid out a total of $175 million to its employees in a little over two years. Employees who have participated in the program since its 2019 inception will receive a minimum of $8,000, and still have an estimated $60,000 in current equity value remaining in company shares. “Our employees are the key to making our vision to transform the industries we serve a reality,” said Bryan Adams, Integrity’s co-founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to show our gratitude by including our entire team in our success.”