The John A. Hartford Foundation reprinted an editorial from my hometown newspaper, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, about how the pandemic is shining a light on the inadequacies in the current way that elder care is funded and operated. As the editorial notes, "the nursing home occupies a niche so far out of sight and mind that we don't have to think about it.” It calls for leveraging the COVID-19 disruption “into a full-scale revolution regarding how we provide comfort for the 57% of nursing home residents who are not there for rehabilitation or recovery, who are frail or cognitively impaired or both, and who will remain in need of care until they die.” The editorial cites an AARP state scorecard report released last month that placed Florida last — 51st — among the states and Washington, D.C., for long-term services and supports. Iowa ranked in the third quartile of states, at No. 32. You can access here the Hartford Foundation article, which links to the editorial.