I feel fortunate that at the moment I’m not in the market for a new vehicle, furniture or a number of other consumer items that are in high demand but are high-priced or hard to get right now. Here’s an interesting piece from Slate that looks behind the reasons you’ll likely be waiting a considerably longer time than normal for that new furniture — and there are more variables than just the pandemic behind the mismatches between supply and demand. Coincidentally, Muscatine-based HNI Corp.’s earnings are out today, and their earnings benefited from a more than 30% year-over-year increase in office furnishings sales, led by activity with small to midsized customers. The company’s residential building products division — which sells items such as fireplace inserts and electric hearths — had a 51% year-over-year revenue jump, with a continuing good outlook for the third quarter due to high  remodel/retrofit demand. “Our strong growth and the macro-economic environment presented new challenges related to labor availability, supply chain capacity, and inflation,” HNI’s president and CEO, Jeff Lorenger, said in the company’s earnings release.