If you’re looking for information on schools, neighborhoods or where to buy a house, well, you came to the ... wrong place. Sorry, it’s just not our expertise or the focus of our Newcomer’s Guide. We’re going to be focusing primarily on what to do professionally once you’re here, but we can steer you in the right direction for a few resources — and some good advice — that is sure to help with some of those pre-arrival decisions.

Request relocation packets
The Greater Des Moines Partnership offers free relocation packets that contain tons of information on everything from area neighborhoods, schools and churches to shopping, parks and local attractions. Request one: tinyurl.com/RelocationPartnership. In addition, you can request a relocation packet from the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau, which includes a Catch Des Moines guide, map, fun pass, Catch Active & Catch Flavor card, and other resources for making the transition. Request one: catchdesmoines.com/about/relocate. And if you’re looking for fun things for you and your family to do, check out the Catch Des Moines magazine: tinyurl.com/catchdesmoines

Learn from other residents
To learn more about the region and to contribute information about your experiences for future newcomers, check out the Partnership’s CarpeDM Seize Des Moines web portal, which contains information shared by Greater Des Moines residents that helps fellow and new residents learn more about their community. SeizeDesMoines.com

Get an executive tour
The Partnership works with its investors and member companies to provide tours of the community to help new executives and their families learn about the Greater Des Moines community, including schools, residential communities, how to connect to cultural groups, how to get involved and more. The Partnership also offers custom assistance for spouses of executives who move to the community. Have your employer contact Mary Bontrager at mbontrager@desmoinesmetro.com if you are interested in requesting a tour.

Take a first step: Attend a Welcome to Greater Des Moines Reception
Each quarter, the Partnership holds a Welcome to Greater Des Moines Reception for new residents. The event allows new residents to meet each other and learn more about the region and how to get involved. Learn more: DesMoinesMetro.com/Events