Des Moines Water Works has released a new proposal to form a regional planning and wholesale water system that would make sure local water supplies are adequate. Local utilities would continue to run the distribution system, retail sales and customer service. The plan would open the door to the new Central Iowa Water Works acquiring assets from the local systems. Local water officials have been discussing options for a couple of years, and state lawmakers at one point considered a bill that would disband Des Moines Water Works. Some local systems, notably Urbandale and West Des Moines, have considered expanding their own plants, while Des Moines Water Works argued that area development and residents’ needs would be better served by a regional utility. Currently, Des Moines Water Works is run by a board appointed by the mayor of Des Moines. The new Central Iowa Water Works would have suburban representation, too, for the systems that decide to join. The framework released this week would have to be approved by the various utilities, and the plan says an effective date would have to be negotiated.