Des Moines Area Community College’s annual Celebrate! Innovation event has morphed into a year-long program that will livestream main events featuring everything from "Napoleon Dynamite" actors to the guy who helped  revive Harley Davidson brand.

What used to be called ciWeek now is ciLive! Tony Paustian, provost of DMACC West Campus, which organizes and stages the programming, said that the 11th year of Celebrate! Innovation seemed like a good time to offer inspiration all year long, not just during ciLive! 11, which runs March 9-13, 2020 with the theme "The Art of Imagination." Not only will the free sessions now be livestreamed, but they also will be loaded on DMACC’s website, a first.

Paustian said the popularity of the sessions — many have to be simulcast to adjoining rooms after seats fill — led him to move to offering programming throughout the year. Details on future sessions will be announced later.

Headliners next year include:
  • Oscar-winning "Black Panther" costume designer Ruth Carter.
  • Ken Schmidt, key player in Harley Davidson’s comeback.
  • Two-time Emmy Award winner Geoffrey Notkin, who has starred in "Meteorite Men" and "STEM Journals."
  • Singer/songwriter Miles Nielsen, son of Cheap Trick star Rick Nielsen.
  • Planetary scientist Alan Stern, who led NASA’s New Horizons mission to the Pluto system and the Kuiper Belt.
  • Egyptian art and architecture professor Kara Cooney, who produced and hosted Discovery Channel’s "Out of Egypt."
  • Writer/director Jeffrey Morris, who founded FutureDude Entertainment in 2010.  He is an education consultant and adviser to NASA.
  • Visual effects supervisor Mårten Larsson, who is working on his third Marvel Studios film production. He previously worked on "Avengers: Infinity Wars" and "Avengers: End Game."
  • "Napoleon Dynamite" cast members Jon Heder (Napoleon), Efren Ramirez (Pedro) and Jon Gries (Uncle Rico).
  • The Cerny Brothers, who are based in Nashville and have performed all over the country, including Jay and Katie Byers’ living room. Rolling Stone magazine said their sound is something like Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp.
  • Professional gamer Nick Overton, who entertains people by playing and creating gaming videos and livestreams through YouTube and He is a graduate of DMACC West Campus.
  • Financial literacy expert Adam Carroll, author of "Winning the Money Game."

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