How will the world look 10 years from now, and what leadership skills will you need to compete?


Those are the questions that author Bob Johansen is encouraging Des Moines business leaders to talk about at a workshop today.


Johansen is a distinguished fellow and former CEO and president at the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit research organization that looks at external forces that could present threats to and opportunities for business in the next 10 years. He also wrote the book "Leaders Make the Future." 


"The purpose isn't to predict. It's to provoke insight," he said, in an interview with the Business Record. "And then it's up to (leaders) to figure out what to do with it."


Johansen is in Des Moines today to speak and lead a workshop held by the Greater Des Moines Partnership. Among his thoughts for the future:

  • Businesses that are behind in technology today shouldn't try to catch up, but rather should "leapfrog" in anticipation of future technology.
  • "Digital natives," or people who are age 17 or younger in 2013, will bring a different type of thinking to the workforce of the future.
  • Strong and humble personalities will win out over "rock star" leaders in the future.
For more information, see the article in the Oct. 11 issue of the Business Record.