Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's bipartisan political organization is losing friends, Bloomberg reported.


The organization called FWD.us began advocating in April for changes to U.S. immigration law. The group is backed by technology millionaires and billionaires, but within weeks FWD.us surprised members by setting up partisan offshoots and airing ads promoting Democratic Sen. Mark Begich's support for oil drilling and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham's backing of the Keystone XL pipeline.


The tactic was intended to give political cover to some senators who support an immigration bill by reminding the public of their other priorities, but it angered some pro-environment donors.


The technology industry has for a decade sought more temporary visas for skilled employees, saying there aren't enough qualified Americans to do high-tech jobs.


In more Facebook news, this video on CNNMoney.com asks if video advertising can save Facebook.


Facebook's stock rose this morning, with shares up 3.6 percent after reports that the company will unveil video advertising in July, USA Today reported.