Google Inc. is making news today through an acquisition, an agreement and even an assertion that the company is going for world domination.


Google has agreed to acquire privately-held artificial intelligence company DeepMind Technologies Ltd., Reuters reported. DeepMind uses learning algorithms for applications such as simulations, e-commerce and games.


Google has become increasingly focused on artificial intelligence, and is working on developing self-driving cars and robots.


Also, Google and Samsung Electronics have signed an agreement to cross-license some of each other's patents, The New York Times reported, which strengthens ties between the two powers behind the Android operating system for smartphones.


The agreement covers existing patents and some that will be filed in the next 10 years, the companies said. The deal comes as both Google and Samsung are in patent disputes with other companies, including Apple Inc.


Today's news comes just a couple of weeks after Google bought a company called Nest Labs, a "smart-home" company, which manufactures wi-fi enabled programmable thermostats and smoke detectors.


That purchase provides Google with an avenue to get into the business of smart devices - or regular household appliances that are connected to the Internet. The company wants to be a part of people's everyday life, said David Goldman, CNN technology editor, in this CNNMoney video story titled "Google's plan for world domination."