Yesterday was Facebook's 10th birthday, but the social media site is taking a backseat to other tech companies in today's news. Google Inc., Twitter Inc. and Microsoft Corp. all are making headlines. Some highlights: 

  • Google ended a three-year antitrust probe with a deal with the European Union after the company agreed to make concessions on how it displays competitors' links on its website, Reuters reported. More than a dozen complainants, including Microsoft, had accused Google of promoting its own services at their expense.
  • Speaking of Microsoft, its new CEO, Satya Nadella, will make as much as $17.2 million this year and $30.4 million a year starting in 2015, which will likely make him one of the five highest-paid tech CEOs, CNNMoneyreported. Outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer made just $1.3 million per year. Nadella's annual salary will be $1.2 million, but stock awards and bonuses could drive up his income.
  • Twitter will release its first quarterly earnings report today. This Bloomberg video examines what to expect.