During Marissa Mayer's one-year tenure as Yahoo! Inc. CEO, the company has bought 16 startups. And she didn't even start the buying spree until she'd been CEO for three months, CNNMoney reported.

Since then Yahoo's acquisitions have been made at a breakneck pace, with the company sometimes announcing two purchases in a single day, or six over the course of a month.

"It is just astounding how truly active Yahoo has been on the M&A front," said S&P Capital equity analyst Scott Kessler. "They're mostly buying very small companies, but still -- I don't know that any other company has matched this pace of buying."

Mayer was likely inspired by her former employer, Google Inc., which often buys small companies in order to gain talented staffers. Mayer's spin on that strategy is a key part of her plan to turn around the struggling Yahoo, and the trail of purchases offers a glimpse at how she views the company's future. Read more.