Telehealth startup Certintell increased its customer base by 150 percent and developed a new mobile app during its time as the first company to join Square One DSM, the Greater Des Moines Partnership's accelerator. Certintell, founded by Benjamin Lefever, joined in May 2015. It provides telemedicine software platforms aimed at increasing the quality of health care and reducing costs. The app allows patients to connect with physicians and medical information through their mobile device. "It is often difficult for underserved, low-income patients to get access to medical care through an in-person visit, but many people have access to smartphones," Lefever said in a statement. "Our platform and our new app give all people, including those who are traditionally underserved, access to quality care by allowing them to virtually connect to their local health provider. Our goal is to allow people to get the care they need in a coordinated way with a coordinated team."