An Iowa nonprofit group says broadband access in Iowa has increased in the last year, and that only 28,000 Iowans are without access to basic high-speed Internet service throughout the state.

Connect Iowa, an organization that promotes the adoption, access and use of broadband Internet in rural areas, said Tuesday that 93.5 percent of Iowans now have access to broadband of 3 megabits per second or higher, up from 92.5 percent last year.

"We are thrilled to see the investment being made by providers and that the work we are doing with our state partners is paying off," said Amy Kuhlers, Connect Iowa state program manager, in a release. "These latest access numbers show we are starting to bridge the broadband access gap and motivates us even more to focus on bringing broadband to the remaining 28,000 Iowans who remain unserved."  

Connect Iowa has also released a broadband mapping tool called My ConnectView, which helps residents and businesses find area providers of broadband Internet.

The group said 87.2 percent of Iowa households are now able to choose service from two or more providers.