The Des Moines Airport Authority Board today voted to officially ask developers for proposals to develop some parcels on the airport grounds, many of them along Fleur Drive and on the south edge of the airport. 

Proposals will be due by 11 a.m. March 29. The city of Des Moines plans to assist by publicizing the request for proposals in a city email sent to developers. 

A committee led by board member Mark Feldmann will sift through the proposals before returning to the full board for action. “These are really big, important decisions and that need to be made by the full board,” Feldmann said. “I see this as a sorting committee.” 

Board member Kerty Levy and Matt Anderson, Des Moines deputy city manager, also are on the committee.

“This is very exciting,” said board Chairwoman Liz Ward. “We really don’t know what we are going to get.”

Airport Executive Director Kevin Foley said the airport could end up accepting some or all of the proposals, or none of them. Much will depend on how the development will benefit the airport, he added. 

Foley is asking the developers to submit a business plan for a development on leased airport property. 

Board member Christine Lauridsen Sand said the airport should also consider how the developments would affect traffic patterns, the environment and airport public relations.

Foley has said the leases would probably be for at least 30 years.

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