President Trump has Wall Street, airport managers, mass transit agency and others excited over talk of spending $1 trillion on public infrastructure. It's the same type of play President Obama wanted to make — but he didn't control both the House and Senate. Trump's GOP does. In an article out today, CNN Tech's Matt McFarland wonders if mass transit improvements could be Trump's equivalent to President Kennedy's mission to the moon. The American Public Transportation Association found that the share of riders using public transit for shopping has more than doubled since 2007. In addition, 87 percent of trips are to commute to work or run errands — so how we get around is important to our daily schedules. People use public transit 35 million times each weekday, yet ridership is dropping in some places, including New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, largely because of old, unreliable systems, CNN reported. The association argues that public transportation investments would benefit people from all walks of life and spur growth in the U.S. economy.