Urbandale-based ProbioFerm LLC, a contract manufacturer of probiotics, is seeking an estimated $250,000 in development incentives to build a 9,000-square-foot, manufacturing and warehouse facility at 10301 Justin Drive.

The project would add three jobs to the firm’s current payroll of 18 people and generate an estimated $6 million in spending on property, equipment and research and development, according to a report to the Urbandale City Council, which will vote on whether to endorse the project when it meets this evening. 

ProbioFerm is seeking $190,340 in state tax credits and refunds under the High Quality Jobs Program and could qualify for an estimated $62,442 in the form of an industrial property tax exemption or tax increment finance rebate from the city.

In 2015, ProbioFerm was awarded state and city incentives for a $1.9 million, 22,000-square-foot expansion of its manufacturing and warehousing operations. The company had requested $89,560 in tax credits and sales tax refunds under the High Quality Jobs Program and a $53,000 property tax exemption. 

ProbioFerm is a nine-year-old company that specializes in making live bacteria that are produced for their digestive health benefits. Read more about ProbioFerm at