What are your goals in your role at your company? 
In my succession planning to become the executive director of Urban Dreams, I plan to strengthen programs/business, create innovative programs/events and nurture community relationships. I also have a dual role at Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, where I am responsible for managing the Beacon internship program. This unique internship program trains students by acclimating them to cooperative culture, teaching career skills and providing mentors, while increasing their confidence.

What are your goals for your community involvement? 
I love my neighborhood. I am dedicated to cultivating River Bend, the north side and beyond. Urban Dreams has been a staple in Des Moines for 31 years, and I am excited to collaborate with other organizations to develop, showcase and advance everything and everybody in our great metropolitan area.

What’s your biggest passion and why? 
My family. I love being with them. My wife is my best friend and champion of all my endeavors. My son, Chance (13), is mentally strong and talented. My daughter, Porter (3), makes every day an adventure. My family makes me a focused and determined community member and leader.

What is it that drives you? 
I care about children and the future that we are creating for them. My work directly reflects my passion around equity, opportunity and education. I live in a community where half the households make less than $30,000. However, I believe that with opportunity and guidance, everyone can succeed.

What are your future aspirations? 
Opportunity for upward mobility is imperative for an abundant community. The Beacon program is an avenue for students to achieve their dreams. However, many other individuals also need support to recognize how to achieve their dreams. I aspire to create these opportunities for long-term success for individuals, families and our community.

Four reasons he’s a Forty: 

1.  Is the cog in the wheel of the innovative collaboration between Wellmark, Urban Dreams and the community. 
2.  Hired at Wellmark to implement a vision of CEO John Forsyth and lead a team to create an innovative and intense internship program for seniors at North High School. 
3.  Since his time at Urban Dreams, he has led initiatives that have served over 1,300 youths and families in the urban core.
4.  Has been appointed to multiple boards and commissions and is an avid volunteer — coaching, serving, teaching and training.