As parents with children in college know, beginning or attending college or graduate school can be challenging for young adults even in the best of circumstances. It especially becomes difficult, however, for students with mental illness who move away from home and away from care designed to deal with their specific health problem, as this IowaWatch story explains. One of every three U.S. college students shows symptoms of a mental health problem such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder or being suicidal, according to a 2018 research study from the University of Texas at San Antonio. However, barriers can exist when the students try to seek the mental health care they may want or need, interviews revealed. Here’s a compelling look at the challenges that some Iowa college students have faced. The story was written by Lily Bohlke, who just graduated from Grinnell College, while she was an intern with the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism's IowaWatch, a nonprofit, online news website that collaborates with news organizations to produce explanatory and investigative reporting.