I’ve set a few goals for my last week at the Business Record. Walk out the door without eating the last strawberry Pop Tart in the vending machine, make a clean sweep of the clutter and dust on my desk, avoid lingering goodbyes, and just say hello to retirement.

It’s that simple.

Those of you who attended the Business Record’s annual Commercial Real Estate Forum last month might have left with the impression that I’m not much of a speech maker, or that I’m a tongue-tied, two-legged slug, maybe both.

It’s true that I’m not much for making speeches. The few times I’ve tried, I either have too much to say or too little and, somewhere between the two, miss the point I want to make.

If I had paid attention to some foreshadowing, I would have been better prepared.

"I’m going to have to embarrass you one more time," Business Record Publisher and Executive Editor Chris Conetzkey told me the night before the event. "Can’t make me blush," I said to myself.

He did both, and along with the Business Record crew and the 300 or so folks attending the commercial real estate event overwhelmed me with kindness.

To all of you, I want to say what I should have said that day in April. Thank you for helping me along the way. It has been a wonderful ride. I won’t say goodbye. We’ll bump into each other again, just not at the vending machine.

I am going to say hello. "Hey Sue, I’m coming home."