By Christi Hegstad | President, MAP Professional Development

Several years ago, I worked with a client who wanted to significantly grow her business. She had a sales and marketing background, a strong team, and seemingly all the right pieces in place -- but still wasn’t reaching her goals.

"What I need," she declared at our initial consultation, "is mindset help."

And she would know. She gave me a list of ways that her mindset work had helped her in the past, crediting it in large part for her success in starting her business, raising strong kids as a single parent, and navigating a serious health diagnosis. "I know how powerful our mindsets are," she said, "and mine needs some work regarding my business."

This was music to my ears. A hefty part of my coaching involves mindset work and, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t just mean memorizing affirmations or thinking positive thoughts. An entire body of research exists, and I had the good fortune of learning from key leaders in the field when completing my Positive Psychology Coaching certification.

Like with many life upgrades, maintaining a strong mindset becomes easier with specific habits and practices in place. A few you might consider:

1. Create a morning routine. How you start the day sets the tone for the day. Therefore, dedicating time -- whether one hour or one minute -- to begin the morning strong can make all the difference. Choose a daily intention, think of three gratitudes, visualize how you want your day to play out … your options are endless.

2. Fuel your mind purposefully. What you take in can significantly affect your mood, actions and beliefs. Whether books, movies, podcasts, music, social media posts or other sources, choose with care what you consume.

3. Try something new. Not only is the challenge invigorating, it also reminds you of the importance of a beginner’s mind. Let go of expectations or any perfectionist tendencies and try a new hobby, activity or experience.

4. Watch your back — literally. This may sound insignificant, but your posture and how you carry yourself can actually have an impact on your mindset. Watch Amy Cuddy’s powerful TED Talk for more on this.

5. Listen to your higher self. In the ASPIRE Success Club, we have talked about distinguishing between the voices of fear and intuition. Many agree that the voice of intuition tends to be deep, calm and kind, whereas that of fear can sound frantic, harsh, even sarcastic. Practice listening for your intuition.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation," wrote Viktor Frankl, "we are challenged to change ourselves." We cannot control everything that happens. We can, however, control our mindset and how we choose to respond in any situation.

Pay special attention to your mindset this week, and try implementing one of the above ideas. With a strong and purposeful mindset, you can achieve far more than you ever thought possible -- and have a lot more fun along the way, too!

As a certified and award-winning coach, Christi Hegstad, Ph.D., PCC, helps professionals achieve boldly with clarity, confidence, and meaningful action. Connect with her online or on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook @ChristiHegstad .