It will take 30 years to reach gender parity in the boardroom, according to a new report published by Deloitte. In the report, researchers revealed the results of their efforts tracking the progress made in more than 60 countries to increase the number of women occupying board seats. Women held 16.9% of board seats globally last year, a 1.9% increase since the last time data was collected in 2016, the report says. In the U.S., 17.6% of board seats were held by women in 2018, up from 14.2%. In Canada, women's current share of board seats was 21.4%, up 3.7 percentage points from two years earlier. Top performing countries include Norway, France and Sweden, which have 40.1%, 37.2%, and 33.3%, respectively. The report cites outdated workplace cultures, unconscious bias and lack of sponsorship as reasons for what keeps women off boards. Read the full report online.