Kemin Industries announced that the European Food Safety Authority has positively assessed the safety of an immune-support ingredient that it manufactures. The positive opinion will allow Kemin to be granted a five-year exclusivity on sales of that ingredient, BetaVia Complete, in Europe. Kemin developed the algae-sourced beta-glucan ingredient for year-round immune support. Manufactured through a patented process using a proprietary strain of algae, it’s the first and only ingredient derived from this strain to be issued a positive opinion from EFSA. "We are extremely excited to receive EFSA's positive opinion for our ingredient, BetaVia Complete, as Europe is a key market in terms of growth for both BetaVia and Kemin Human Nutrition and Health," said Pedro Vieira, vice president for Europe and Latin America with Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. Kemin’s global headquarters are in Des Moines.