A Midwest-based grassroots organization that advocates for the development of clean energy has launched its Iowa operation. According to a news release from the Land & Liberty Coalition, the group partners with local residents, landowners, clean energy advocates and policymakers “to promote commonsense policies that advocate renewable energy while protecting and benefiting local communities.” Nick Boeyink, field director for the Iowa Land & Liberty Coalition, said with large-scale wind and solar developments becoming increasingly common in Iowa, leading to economic development and job growth opportunities, the coalition “wants to help even more communities across the state experience those same benefits.” The Iowa Land & LIberty Coalition is a project of the Iowa Conservative Energy Forum, a clean-energy organization focused on state-level policy, according to the release announcing its formation. “Iowa farmers and landowners are the bedrock of our state and by partnering with them to engage in utility-scale siting efforts we hope to advance energy policies that make way for clean energy while respecting property rights,” Jake Ketzner, ICEF executive director, said in the release.