A Des Moines attorney has sued Broadlawns Medical Center and four of its trustees, claiming they violated Iowa’s open-meetings law in a vote taken on a raise and bonus for its CEO, Jody Jenner, the Des Moines Register reported. The lawsuit, filed by Gary Dickey Jr., claims that the agenda for Broadlawns’ Oct. 20 board meeting did not list the compensation as a subject for the public meeting. According to the lawsuit, the secrecy surrounding Jenner's pay raise was related to the fact that Bill Taber, who was then the board chair, and board member Kavilash Chawla were being challenged for their seats in the Nov. 3 election. The trustees’ vote granted Jenner a bonus of $88,889 for fiscal 2020 and made him eligible for another $100,000 for the next fiscal year. It also granted Jenner a 4.275% raise and extended his contract by three years. Defendants in the suit are Broadlawns and trustees Janet Metcalf, Mary Krieg, and Chawla and Taber, who each approved the pay raise and bonus. Trustees Marc Ward and Rocky Sposato abstained from the vote. The suit seeks to have the meeting declared illegal and the pay raise and bonus invalidated. Taber, who lost his reelection bid, resigned his seat on Nov. 12 and stated his intent to the board to apply to fill the remaining term of board member Mary Fuller, who resigned two days after the election, as the Register reported in an earlier story. However, Taber did not file within the deadline Tuesday to apply for the vacant seat.