Business Publications Corp. Chairman Connie Wimer received the Milton W. Jones Lifetime Achievement Award from the City/Regional Magazine Association (CRMA), of which dsm magazine is a member, for her contributions to that organization and the magazine publishing industry as a whole. Read the profile here, on Pages 4-5

Wimer started dsm Magazine over 15 years ago after seeing a city magazine in Sarasota, Fla., while on vacation and deciding Des Moines should have something like that as well. Today, focusing on arts, culture and the nonprofit community, dsm and ia magazines help instill a sense of community pride by reflecting the best that Des Moines and Iowa have to offer.

The award is named for the Milton W. Jones, the founder of Palm Springs Life, who was known to be a "larger-than-life figure" who was very influential and respected within CRMA and in his community of Palm Springs, Calif. Wimer has made an equally impressive impact on Central Iowa and the state as a whole with dsm, ia and an array of other publications, electronic newsletters and events that not only uplift the region, but also focus on essential topics and issues.

The CRMA award is another in a list of honors and awards for Wimer and her company, Business Publications Corp. Inc. (BPC). Individually she is one of only 11 recipients in the past 30 years of the Association of Area Business Publications (AABP) Lewis M. Conn Lifetime Achievement Award, and the first woman to receive it, for dsm's sister publication, the Business Record.

In March, Editor & Publisher magazine, an industry trade publication, recognized BPC as one of their 2021 "10 News Publishers Who are Doing It Right," joining the ranks of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, NewsDay and Variety as recipients of the recognition.

Rest assured, Wimer is far from done. She continues to innovate and help set the creative vision for the company she founded more than 35 years ago. Stay tuned for what the next chapter might hold but know that Wimer and BPC will continue to serve, upholding the highest standards of quality as we focus on and support our community.