Many of you reading this own dogs. Some of you, like me, own cats. While we may banter about what animal makes for the better pet, we can agree on this: We’ll search high and low to get our animal friends the foods they love. According to an article by Jaewon Kang in the Wall Street Journal, some owners are already scrambling to find the foods their pets love. The shortages of labor, raw materials and transportation that are causing issues for the human food supply are the same ones affecting pet foods, writes Kang. The issue, though, is becoming more acute for pet owners. During the pandemic, more people adopted pets and pet owners are buying larger amounts of the foods their cats and dogs love. According to research firm NielsenIQ, pet food sales at supermarkets grew 6.9% over a recent 52-week period; overall food sales grew 2.3%. Kang interviewed several pet owners who told the reporter they are driving all over their communities to find the foods their pets love. Some have begun making their pets’ food. Said one pet owner, who cooked up a dish of chicken, rice, carrots and peas for her Pomeranian: “It’s hard enough feeding [five] people. I don’t want to be making dog food.”