I’m a big fan of coffee. Ever since my early days as a late-night radio guy, when I needed the caffeine to get me through my shift. As I’ve gotten older my tastes have become more refined and the freeze-dried drip Mr. Coffee maker coffee of my early 20s just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m always willing to try a new coffee shop that tries something different to draw in customers, and this story from the Wall Street Journal caught my eye. The story tells us how some craft beer makers are beginning to craft their own coffee brews to attract customers before noon. The example in this story is Biggerstaff Brewing Co. in Atlanta. Its owners had always planned to use coffee as an ingredient in their beer and some marinades for their meats, but they’ve realized they could bring in some extra business by brewing coffee for the morning crowd. Coffee sales now amount to 7% of their company’s total sales, and they are continuing to grow. Brewing coffee is also one way for the small business to expand outside their original expertise and serve more customers as they continue to struggle with rising costs and the recovery from the pandemic.